Your figures are high priority for us



In the numbers we see your potential


It takes experience to develop a good eye for figures and we’ve got it. Honold Treuhand AG was founded in 1949 by Anton Honold. Since then, we have been advising small and medium-sized businesses, private individuals and families, as well as larger groups of companies, as a renowned auditing and fiduciary office.


We see our potential particularly in our highly qualified employees and our experience. Thus, we offer comprehensive advice and support in all financial areas. Due to our broad orientation and the versatile and always up-to-date training of our employees, we can respond to your potential individually.


We recognize your potential in your figures, which benefits you, especially in tax and business consultancy. But also when it comes to auditing and other fiduciary activities you can rely on our experience, reliability and integrity. It is important to us that you always have the same contact person, where possible, for years.


For many years, we have been working closely with our partner company Staubli + Partner, thereby leveraging the synergies of specialists from various specialist areas. As a traditional accounting and consulting company, they complement our activities, in particular in the management of payroll accounting and outsourcing of entire bookkeeping.


Nationally, we have been a member of ExpertSuisse  for decades and are thus well connected and always up to date in our highly dynamic industry.


Internationally, we are associated with the ABACUS worldwide as a representative for Switzerland. This allows us to assist you across the borders as a consultant. We are happy to arrange contacts for specific inquiries to personally known partners.


Business organisations:


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Auditing requires a lot of experience, because figures often have to be interpreted under immense time-pressure, without affecting quality. Auditing demands on-going further training of all staff, because legal conditions are always changing. This ensures that our staff is always familiar with the legal details.


Honold Treuhand AG (registration number 500685) is registered with the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (RAB) as an audit expert and thus authorized to carry out final examinations and examinations in accordance with special laws.


An added bonus is that your contact person is always your mandate manager, who will also be present at the audit.


Areas of activity

  • General and limited audits, investigation of groups of companies, small and medium-sized businesses, occupational pension schemes and foundations
  • Review in accordance with PS 910
  • Business valuations, financial due diligence
  • Court expertise, arbitration
  • Consultation on recognised accounting standards (IFRS, IFRS for sme’s, Swiss GAAP FER)
  • Investigation and consultation for restructuring
  • Investigation of internal processes (ICS)
  • Special investigations (increases and decreases in capital)
  • Investigations of adherence to the law on money laundering (accredited with most SROs Polyreg, SAAM, STV)



Tax optimization is about getting the best from your figures and working together to successfully shape the future. We have open and constructive discussions with you to this end.


Because we have been working in this field for many years, we are familiar with the legal requirements and are here to look for options for your tax optimization. We have close links to tax offices.


Areas of activity

  • Tax planning and tax-optimized accounting
  • Tax returns for businesses and private individuals
  • Representation before taxation authorities (for assessments, discussions and appeals)
  • Succession planning and inheritance


Because of our global network, ABACUS worldwide, we always have a competent and well-known contact person for international tax issues, which means we can also assist you across borders as a competent partner with quick answers.



If you generate sales in Switzerland or voluntarily opt for VAT, foreign entrepreneurs need a fiscal representative in Switzerland.


We are happy to represent you competently and reliably to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and prepare your VAT invoices for you.

In addition, we would be pleased to advise you on all issues relating to VAT in Switzerland.


With our many years of experience you can count on us.


Areas of activity

  • Clarification of VAT liability in Switzerland
  • Registration with the Federal Tax Administration
  • Preparation of VAT invoices
  • Annual production of the legally required VAT
  • Advice on VAT



Company valuations, establishments, take-overs and restorations to profitability require quick and completely reliable comprehension of complex, internal facts and figures, because analysis often has to be done under immense time pressure. You can rely on us to provide you with competent consultation and to make the most of your potential. Even when there are several partners around the table, we are concerned with keeping communication open, fair and goal and solution-orientated.


Areas of activity

  • Advising on start-ups, conversions, reorganizations, liquidations, mergers, capital increases and reductions, buying and selling companies
  • Corporate and equity valuations
  • Budgeting, financial and liquidity planning
  • Preparation of business plans or their revision
  • Management ad interim
  • Preparation of company and shareholder agreements
  • Company valuations incl. Sales support
  • Succession planning and regulation
  • Legal residence


Because of our global network ABACUS worldwide we can always provide you with a competent and personal contact for international aspects relating to management consulting, which means we can also be your competent partner for all countries.



We are happy to help with setting up and managing accounts. Our professional staff is knowledgeable and experienced and uses the latest, relevant accounting software. We prepare individual evaluations so that you can make your business decisions based on timely and quality information and focus on your core business.


Areas of activity

  • Financial accountancy (various accounting systems)
  • Conclusion of business transactions
  • Payroll accounting and personnel administration
  • Cost accounting
  • Representation (interim) in accounting


We work closely together with Staubli & Partner AG for these activities.



We have many years’ professional experience in auditing companies of all possible sizes, we are all Swiss Certified

Public Accountants and always look forward for new challenges. Also Christoph Honold still shares his know-how with us.

Our efficient and flexible team keeps us being competitive.

Our colleagues at Staubli+Partner AG:




Sempacherstrasse 15

8032 Zürich



Phone   +41 44 421 33 33

Fax     +41 44 421 33 22



Honold Treuhand AG is domiciled directly at the Klusplatz in the city of Zurich.


With the tram lines 3 or 8 to the terminus "Klusplatz".

With the bus lines 31, 33, 701, 703 and 704 also to station "Klusplatz".


By car, there are customer parking spaces in front of the building.


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